Green Energy Production

UW Tech GmbH, in collaboration with our key partner EnTrade, provides full services in Renewable & Alternative Energy Sources Systems & Technologies.

Our services include study, design, installation, commissioning, monitoring and maintenance of energy projects, as well as the procurement of electrical and mechanical equipment, providing integrated high quality services.

Strategic Targets

      • Study, development and construction of RES (Renewable Energy Sources) Power plants
      • Study, development and manufacturing of Power plants from waste heat recovery
      • Consulting and engineering services on the RES sector
      • Representation of international manufacturing firms of electrical equipment
      • Development of specialized software related to RES issues.

Current and under development Actions

      • EPC services for the realization of PV plants
      • Penetration in the Photovoltaic market of Turkey & Cyprus
      • Penetration in the Wind Energy market of Romania
      • Design and installation of ORC units in autonomous plants in Greek islands
      • Promote the low-power heat recovery in industrial units
      • Development of the Energy Saving Business sector by standardizing processes





  • Photovoltaic Systems
  • Heating Systems
  • Energy Efficiency Systems
  • Biomass Power Plants
  • Hydrogen Technologies (Fuel Cells)
  • Small Wind Turbines


The objective of UW Tech/ EnTrade is to differentiate in the Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency market for the scientific character of the solutions proposed.
Competitive advantages of UW Tech/ EnTrade are:

  • high scientific added value of its staff
  • expertise and experience
  • reliability
  • A nationwide partners network
  • The valid investment proposals for energy projects

Specifically UW Tech/ EnTrade undertake:

  • Engineering Management and Execution
  • Permits and Licenses management and follow up
  • Application designs execution
  • Project Management, Supervision and Technical support
  • Projects construction in parts or a whole
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Management [HSEM] and follow up
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control Management [QA/QC] and follow up
  • International Standards and Works,Technical Specifications’ good knowledge and follow up


Examples of services that UW Tech/ EnTrade offers in relation to renewable energy systems are:

  • Concept design, economic evaluation and functional specification of renewable energy schemes to meet overall generation planning requirements.
  • Due Diligence in RES Projects
  • Evaluation of alternative electrical generation technologies to maximise the benefits of renewable energy conversion.
  • Identification of suitable generation connection points on existing power systems to minimise the requirement for system reinforcement.
  • Assessment of the impact of renewable generation on existing power supply reliability. Identification of power quality issues arising from the connection of renewable generation (harmonic distortion, voltage fluctuations etc.).
  • Selection of appropriate energy storage technology or backup generation schemes for the effective operation of renewable generation within isolated power networks.
  • Review of existing power system protection schemes to assess the impact of renewable generation operation under fault conditions.
  • On-site measurements and monitoring of power supplies.

In carrying out the above, UW Tech/ EnTrade is working closely with renewable energy specialists, equipment manufacturers and operations staff to provide the Client with an overall integrated approach to project definition and implementation.


Especially for Photovoltaic projects, our partnership can contribute in the following fields:

  • Experience provider on PV projects. We have realized more than 6 MWp on EPC turn-key condition (projects of 1 MWp maximum power capacity) and engineered more than 50 MWp in all power scale (from 100 kWp up to 5 MWp power capacities).
  • Engineering and Design for PV projects. As mentioned, we can undertake the full design of any PV project in terms of: Constructional Drawings, Bill of Materials, Bill of Quantities, Time schedules, Substation & Electrical Tables design, CCTV design, Technical specifications, Energy Production Studies on simulation programs (PVSyst – Homer).
  • Project Management. We can undertake the project management for the full EPC including the logistics management for the entire Bill of Materials & the main hardware (PV modules, inverters, mounting system, substation,
  • Project Management. We can undertake the project management for the full EPC including the logistics management for the entire Bill of Materials & the main hardware (PV modules, inverters, mounting system, substation,
    cables etc).
  • Supervision and Technical Guidance for all activities of a PV project. Our team of engineers and technicians can manage all manpower and time schedule on the constructional field. We are specialized in all activities involved in a PV such us: mounting system installation, DC & AC electrical installation, CCTV installation, Landfill works, Substation & Electrical Tables installation, PV modules Sorting, etc.
  • Technical Advisory Services. We can deliver technical specifications and design documents for any PV project tender (private or public sector’s). We can also deliver feasibility studies or/and data models for a PV project.
  • Technical Training Provider. We can deliver special courses to your staff which will take place in a PV constructional field. The perspective goal is a full understanding of various details on all PV constructional conditions (rooftops, tracker, Medium Voltage Power Plant).



UW Tech/ EnTrade is working actively in the field of household photovoltaic systems.
A variety of photovoltaic panels were installed from the following manufacturers: Conergy, Silcio, Solarwatt, Suntech, Sanyo, Sunpower.
The inverters have been selected according to the requirements of each system. As regards to the manufacturers these were: SMA, SolarEdge, Kaco, Kostal, Conergy and Danfoss



Our technical advisors have a wide range of experience in onshore and offshore wind energy projects across Europe.
The team of UW Tech/ EnTrade is engineered to support their clients throughout the entire course of life of a wind energy power plant offering their service packages to lenders, investors and developers.

Our team can guide you through your decisions by providing tailored service packages to meet your specific requests:

  • Feasibility study
  • Wind site characterization
  • Wind turbine site suitability assessment
  • Wind Measurements & Analysis Wind Farm layout design and optimization
  • Energy yield assessment
  • Financial modeling and economic analysis
  • Wind Park technical specifications
  • Design and engineering review
  • Quality control management Factory inspections
  • Construction monitoring and site supervision
  • Performance and commissioning revision



Moreover, we provide services such as:

Contract review and negotiation

Thanks to a deep understanding of the risks and mitigation measures associated with the wind industry, we will help you prepare fully bankable contracts by reviewing EPC, O&M and turbine-supply contracts providing useful hints.

Lender’s engineering

UW Tech/ EnTrade ensures the minimization of the technical and commercial risks by monitoring your wind projects safeguarding the interest of banks, financial institutions and investors.


UW Tech/ EnTrade
engineers’ experience in many aspects of network design, project management, operation and optimization can assist utility companies to maximize the improvements in network performance for any given investment providing services in the following key areas:

  • Project management, planning & design, construction supervision, commissioning of Transmission and distribution networks & Substations
  • Connection solutions for Distributed Generation
  • Grid code and distribution code preparation and compliance issues
  • Protection system design and audit
  • Substation design, including detailed design, equipment layout, general arrangement & plot plan
  • Overhead Lines and underground cables design
  • Equipment selection and specification
  • Quality of Supply measurements, studies and design of mitigation measures for voltage fluctuations, harmonics and power factor correction
  • Control Centers and SCADA Systems
  • Telecommunication systems for transmission networks


Over the last few years, special emphasis has been given on the development and implementation of fuel-cell systems, for both academic purposes and industrial applications. Fuel cells may be considered as continuous chemical reactors which convert fuel and oxidant chemical potential into electrical energy.
The key advantages of fuel cells compared to the conventional electrical power generation technologies are: higher efficiency, especially when the waste heat is used for co-generation, quiet operation suitable for residential applications, and almost zero levels of produced pollutant gases. These advantages are due to the fact that power generation in fuel cell systems is not based on combustion techniques and temperature gradients.
The most important drawback concerning fuel cell technology is that the basic fuel they use (hydrogen) does not exist free in nature.
UW Tech/ EnTrade provides solutions for hydrogen fueled or reformer based backup power systems. Moreover, we offer solutions for the study, design and implementation of Hydrogen Technologies systems.



UW Tech/ EnTrade advises industrial clients on the assessment, evaluation and application of modern energy technologies and techniques that result in higher energy efficiency and improvement of environmental performance. The company provides services for obtaining solutions on various energy use and supply problems through an integrated approach, covering:


  • Energy Metering and Control
  • Energy Audits


  • Energy Management Systems
  • Monitoring and Targeting (M &T)
  • Energy Action Plans

Investment assessment and support

  • Cost- Benefit Analysis
  • Bankable Feasibility Studies

Energy Technology

  • Industrial Energy Efficiency
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
  • Energy Supply Alternatives (Fuel Substitution, Supplier switching, etc.)
  • Best Practice Demonstrations
  • Turn- key Solutions
  • Technology Assessment and Market Analysis
  • Conceptual Design
  • Tendering and Procurement


We know the trends of Renewable Energy Sources technology, because we are connected with top professionals worldwide
We know the market because we are amongst those who affect it, prepare it, provide it with alternatives and innovative solutions
We are aware of the technological achievements of tomorrow, because we invest in research and development of pioneer solutions and products.


UW tech
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