Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT)

Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) enables the recovery of materials and stabilization of the biodegradable fraction from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). As a result, the volume of the waste going to the landfill is reduced, as well as management needs. Furthermore, additional income can be achieved through the recovery of marketable products such as recyclables, biogas, energy, compost and solid fuel.

We offer a mechanical pre-sorting, producing homogenous high-quality recovered materials such as recyclables and RDF. This can be combined with a biological treatment process, such as our Composting Tunnel or the Anaerobic Digestion Tunnel to produce biogas and energy, as well as compost.

Additionally, we match the needs of residential communities, tourism Facilities and companies with our compact Containerized Composting Unit for MSW or source separated organic fraction. The compost produced may be suitable for backfilling uses (i.e. Landfill, mines, etc), soil rehabilitation or agricultural uses.


UW Tech provides full-service Professional Engineering and Consulting in Solid Waste Management, Treatment Plants and Landfills. Also, UW Tech develops and merchandises Innovating Technologies for MBT, Anaerobic Digestion with biogas production and Composting systems for Solid wastes and compact containerized RO systems for Leachate treatment, Wastewater from MBT plants and Liquid Digestates.


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