UW Tech provides full-service Professional Engineering, Design and Consulting in:

  • Solid Waste Management, Treatment Plants and Landfills
  • Wastewater treatment, focusing on water reuse with MBR technology and Tertiary treatment 
  • Wastewater treatment for industrial wastes with Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) Reactors
  • Alternative sewage network systems with Vacuum technology
  • Non Revenue Water (NRW), Water Losses , Water Management & Resource Saving
  • Development of public-private participation (PPP) models

 Furthermore, UW Tech develops and merchandises Innovating Technologies for:

  • MBT, Anaerobic Digestion with biogas production and Composting systems for Solid wastes
  • Compact containerized RO systems for Leachate treatment, Wastewater from MBT plants and Process Water
  • Autonomous compact systems for RO Desalination, Brackish Water, Potable Water Treatment and Pure Water Systems
  • Compact containerized Waste Water Treatment Plants with Biomedia (CFIC® or CFAS®) & MBR technology                                                                                                                                   

Finally, for our Containerized Units and Compact plants we provide to our clients support including installation, start-up, operation, maintenance and remote monotoring and alarming services.

UW tech
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