UW MBR (MEMBRANE BIO-REACTOR) – Grammatiko Landfill site

UW-tech delivered the UF membrane filtration plant for the biology process (MBR) of the Leachate Treatment Plant at Grammatiko Landfill site.

The membrane filtration unit has a treatment capacity of 215 m3/day or 10 m3/hr, using a total membrane filtration area of over 100 m2. The unit operates with ultra-filtration membranes placed in pressure modules, using the feed and bleed principle operating in a high cross-flow velocity (3-5m/sec) in order to prevent the membranes from clogging.

Leachate from Grammatiko landfill site will undergo biological treatment using MBR method entering the anoxic and aeration tanks and the produced mixed liquor will be clarified using filtration in UF membranes. Permeate of the unit will have the following quality characteristics:

BOD5 ≤ 170 mg/l
SS ≤ 10 mg/l

and will feed the RO unit downstream for the reduction of soluble organic and inorganic load and, mainly, conductivity reduction in order to be able to use it for irrigation of plants in the site but also of the adjacent woodland. This final effluent will have the following quality:

BOD5 ≤ 5 mg/l
COD ≤ 20 mg/l
TSS ≤ 1 mg/l
Total Ν ≤ 15 mg/l
T. Coliforms ≤ 20 / 100ml

The UF concentrate (biomass) will be partly recirculated as sludge recirculation to the biology tanks and the other part will feed the dewatering unit in order to get disposed of as dewatered sludge cake.

The unit includes a module for CIP – chemical cleaning using citric acid and Sodium hypochlorite solutions. All the equipment required is fitted in a closed container, creating a compact and easy to move and install unit.

Picture 1 Main pump of the UF system

Picture 2 Magnetic flowmeter

Picture 3 Aspect of the filter (center)

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