Wastewater Treatment

UW Tech GmbH combines the industry’s broadest portfolio of advanced technologies with strong technical expertise and proven installation experience to help Consultants and Engineers develop best treatment options of municipal and industrial wastewater.

Biological Treatment Unit with biomedia (CFIC®, CFAS®)

In collaboration with Biowater Technology AS we provide containerized solutions for the wastewater treatment that use the advanced technologies CFIC® (Continuous Flow Intermittent Cleaning) or CFAS® (Combined Fixed-Film Activated Sludge) with biofilm carriers, aeration, retention sieves, mixing tanks as well as any tertiary treatment or additional equipment to suit the design. Biowater’s proprietary CFIC® technology offers industry-leading performance when compared with widely used Activated Sludge and MBBR solutions. The small footprint, combined with Biowater’s approach to process design makes CFIC® far more versatile than existing solutions, making it very suitable for a wide range of existing WWTP. On the other hand Biowater’s CFAS® (IFAS) utilizes the benefit of a traditional activated sludge process combined with a biological fixed-film system to create a highly efficient wastewater treatment plant in a much smaller footprint. The main advantages of those technologies are:

    • Suitable for domestic and industrial wastewater with compact and modular footprints
    • High-Rate Bio-degradation and excellent effluent quality suitable even for reuse
    • Great flexibility in system capacity increases due to Low Hydraulic Retention Times (HRT)
    • Less energy consumption than traditional MBBR processes and low investment cost



Membrane Bioreactor Unit (MBR)

To achieve effluent quality that follows the EU guidelines for water reuse we supply compact and robust units based on the Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology which uses membrane for the separation of biomass from the treated effluent. MBR technology has many advantages such as:

  • Compact and modular system ideal for retrofitting existing plants
  • Extremely low area requirements
  • Simple and operator-friendly system
  • Effluent quality that fulfils the most strict reuse standards


Leachate Treatment Unit (LTU)

Our Leachate Treatment Plant uses a complete MBR system with side stream tubular membranes for solid separation after biological treatment, followed by tertiary treatment using single or double Reverse Osmosis (RO) system. Alternatively, a double or triple RO system could be used directly after CAS biological stage as tertiary treatment.
In order to achieve less brine and to minimize OPEX, Nano-Filtration (NF) could be used instead of Reverse Osmosis (RO) as tertiary treatment.
The above mentioned solutions are the most efficient way to treat medium or high strength wastewater like leachate. The main advantages of our LTU systems are:

  • Compact and modular system, optimal for expansion or to retrofit existing plants
  • Excellent effluent quality with low energy and membrane replacement cost
  • Flexibility to adjust the capacity to your needs
  • Ensure quality of effluent and minimum environmental impact
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